Bad sales enablement and how to avoid it w/ Kelly Frey

July 5, 2018

Kelly Frey, VP of marketing and customer success at SalesHood, talks about bad sales enablement: how to recognize it and how to avoid it.

Main takeaways:

* Alignment is key. Strong sales enablement requires alignment not only between sales and marketing but among all business units and functions. Strong enablement happens when the entire organization is aligned around a common purpose and messaging. 

* Be very thoughtful about what your sales enablement strategy is and about who owns it within the organization. Sometimes it will be owned by sales operations, sometimes it'll be owned by product marketing, sometimes it'll have its own a group within the sales organization. So, be very mindful of who own sales enablement and what are the overall goals of the organization.

* Make sure that you're constantly testing how effective your enablement strategy is as it relates to your attainment goals. What activities are you asking your sales reps and sales managers to do and how do they relate to your sales attainment goals?

* Alongside training and enabling reps with good content, train your managers to become strong coaches.