Breaking the buyer apathy loop w/ Byron Matthews

July 10, 2018

Byron Matthews, president and CEO at Miller Heiman, talks about breaking the buyer apathy loop.

Main takeaways:

* The buyer apathy loop happens when buyers view sellers as merely meeting expectations, i.e. seeing sellers are representing products but not as problem solvers. And so, buyers wait until they want to learn about a product/service before consulting a seller ... resulting in sellers having fewers opportunities to articulate and demonstrate value, making it harder for sellers to differentiate themselves ... and so sellers meet but don't exceed expectations.

* Breaking this loop means seeking opportunites for connecting with buyers earlier in the process, i.e. when buyers are buying something perceived as risky, when they're buying something for the first time, and when the buying decision impacts several departments.

* Sellers need to go beyond just meeting expectations by getting to know the buyer and by positioning themselves as resources to help solve business problems.