The limits of AI, and why B2B lead generation is becoming more “human” w/ John Girard

May 24, 2018

John Girard, CEO of Cience, talks about why, admist the deluge of technology and artificial intelligence systems transforming sales, B2B prospecting is actually become more reliant on human-to-human contact and conversation.

Main takeaways:

* While AI bots may be useful for automating many rote, systematic sales-related tasks, the technology is not yet capable of navigating the complex give and take of most B2B sales processes and interactions.

* The automation of some parts of the sales process has highlighted the value of so-called "soft skills" unique to humans -- the ability to listen, to tell stories, to read body language and connect on an emotional level.

* Trainers and coaches have increasingly important roles to play in helping sales people and other employees hone their soft skills.