Why L&D need to see themselves as value creators w/ Ed Holinski and Jim Rush

May 17, 2018

Ed Holinski, who leads solution strategy at Performance Development Group, and Jim Rush, founding partner of MEM partners, talk about why L&D professionals need to position themselves not just as curriculum developers but as value creators who help solve business problems and meet company wide goals.

Key takeaways:

* In order to add value, L&D leaders need to look at things from the perspective of the CEO and know the business inside and out. CEOs want solutions to pressing business problems, and so L&D professionals need to market what they do as helping to solve those problems today.

* A key way for L&D to add value is to meet the desire for real-time, pinpoint learning. Doing so helps the company compete for the most talented employees. 

* Another key for L&D is listening to the CEO and c-suite executive to learn about the issues they're facing, the problems hitting them over the head, and opportunities for solving those problems. Then using that knowledge to leverage the L&D function to add value by helping to address those problems.

* Businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on L&D yet often don't see ROI and consequently don't see L&D as a particularly valuable part of the organization. It's incumbant on L&D leads to find out what sort of material impact the CEO and his or her team are looking for and then figure out a way to help drive that.