Why Women Are Leaving Your Company and How to Keep Them From Leaving w/ Melissa Lamson

May 22, 2018

Melissa Lamson, founder of Lamson Consulting, talks about why roughly 17% of women leave their corporate jobs for better opportunities and what businesses can do to make their workplaces less likely to lose female employees. 

Key takeaways:

* Many women, like men, leave jobs because they don't find the work to be very meaningful. But women also have a greater concern for being able to climb the ladder and make a career. And, generally, women are less socialized to ask for what they want. Leaving to find a better opportunity is often seen as easier or less confrontational.

* 17% of women leaving jobs every year matters because there's global competition for talent, and businesses around the world are struggilng to fine qualified, trained talent. Also, research shows the having a more diverse leadership in terms of gender increases financial performance.

* Many women struggle with delegating and try to do it all themselves. Melissa tries to help women understand that by delegating, they're helping their teams learn new skills and take on new challenges. 

* Companies that make a conscious effort to make leadership more diverse in terms of gender set an example for the entire company and encourage younger female employees to stay and work their way up.