Why your onboarding is broken and how to fix it w/ Nathan Frisk

May 29, 2018

Nathan Frisk, owner of Aro Communications, talks about why your onboarding program probably doesn't work as well as it should and offers ideas for improving onboarding and getting new employees off on the right foot.

Main takeaways:

*When welcoming a new employee to your company, you're not just adding a number. Focus on what the employee can expect and how the company will help the employee get up to speed and thrive in their role. 

* Get rid of buzzwords and corporate jargon and speak to new employees like regular people, using everyday language that clearly communicates what's expected from them and that enables them to communicate what they expect and hope for.

*Crappy onboarding can result in unengaged employees and high turnover, costing your company time and money. Investing in onboarding upfront saves time and money because it empower new employees to perform well in their roles and to grow over time.