November 6, 2017

About the podcast

The Sales Training & Coaching Podcast is about ... sales training and coaching! The title says it all, right? We started the podcast because after listening to a bunch of really good shows about sales generally, we realized that there were no podcasts about training and coaching, specifically. Given that sales training and coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry and that there are thousands of trainers and coaches out there doing some really innovative work, you'd think there'd be at least one podcast devoted to the profession. Or, at least, there ought to be. And now there is!

Our goal is to provide trainers and coaches with opportunities to share their ideas, insights, and strategies, and to have honest, wide-ranging discussions about how sales training and coaching works and how it's evolving. And we hope the podcast becomes a resource for trainers, coaches, and anyone in sales to learn something new and spark ideas. 

About the hosts

Mike Allison is a professional sales coach, keynote presenter, podcaster and blogger. He has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Bayer, HSBC, Merck, and Mattel, to name a few. Mike has lived and worked in China and Germany, trained sales managers and sales teams in more than 15 countries, and is a CMOE Certified Eight-Step Coaching Model coach/facilitator and a Licensed NLP Business Practitioner. 

Jeremy Shere is the founder of and lead producer for Tribal Knowledge, a company that specializes in producing custom content to reinforce sales training through storytelling and peer learning. With a PhD in English literature and more than 20 years experience producing a wide range of content, including award-winning podcasts and documentaries, Jeremy brings a wealth of experience and storytelling chops to the content production process, creating training and training reinforcement content that will engage and educate your sales reps in a truly unique and memorable way.